Back on track best wishes from @studiophotogoncourt Crazy shooting!

Portraits of May

May is pretty with a multi-style face. A pleasure to work together.

Portraits of Suzane

Several shooting with Suzanne, a young artist: model, actress and singer. Shooting with flashes and continuous light.

Beauty Studio for an amazing make-up...

Some pictures of the Make-up session produced by #beautystudio with the World champion body painter !!!!

#Fanny make-up

#Adel model

#Paula Dop

#Morgann Réalisateur

Chocolat mag is back@studiophotogoncourt

Quelques pas de danse classique tout en finesse.

Clip vidéo, shooting, 4 modèles, Make up, dressing, lights ...une bonne journée de travail.

Portrait by Manfreed T. @studiophotogoncourt

Le high key soigné, dépourvu d'ombres sur #Hannalisa suicide (